Dr Anthony Christian Mgbeahuruike, 1973 (age 48 years)

Dr Anthony Christian /Mgbeahuruike/
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Anthony Christian
Birth October 13, 1973
Address: 101B Amaebuani, near Linco links filling Station, Along Enugu Road, Nsukka
Phone: +2348039253623
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Family with Ifeoma Emmanuela Nwoko
Ifeoma Emmanuela Nwoko
Somtochukwu Christian Mgbeahuruike
Kamsi Mgbeahuruike
Chikanyima Tony Mgbeahuruike
Family with Eunice Njoku
Eunice Njoku
Date of entry in original source: September 3, 2020
Quality of data: primary evidence

Anthony Christian Mgbeahuruike obtained a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree from the University of Nigerian Nsukka in 2001. He proceeded to the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden where he bagged two degrees, a master’s Degree in Animal Nutrition and Management and an M.Phil degree (Licentiate) in Fungal Biology and Genomics. Thereafter, he proceeded for a doctoral degree in Fungal Genomics at the University of Helsinki, Finland which he completed in 2012. This was followed by a postdoctoral experience in the same lab where he obtained his Ph.D. During the period of Anthony’s Ph. D training, he proved himself to be a very ambitious researcher as it is evident from the list of his merits and publications. Anthony is very industrious and hard-working and he has made very important scientific contributions in several research areas and has published in high impact journals. Anthony’s major contribution in science has particularly been in the molecular characterisation of hydrophobin genes of the biocontrol agent Phlebiopsis gigantea. To understand the evolutionary forces driving hydrophobin gene evolution in the conifer pathogen Heterobasidion annosum and Phlebiopsis species, Anthony, applied a phylogenomics approach to test for recombination events by examining the ratio of non-synonymous (dN) to synonymous substitution per site (dS). The results of Anthony’s thesis work has contributed in the understanding and elucidation of the mechanisms behind biocontrol action of P. gigantea as well as highlighting vital traits for isolate selection and enhancement of the biocontrol efficacy. Additionally, the manuscript on one of Anthony’s novel contributions to the genome annotation of the biocontrol agent (Phlebiopsis gigantea) has recently been submitted to the journal “PLOS Genetics”. Anthony joined the University of Nigeria Nsukka in 2013 as a lecturer I in the Department of Microbiology. In the Department of Microbology, Anthony is actively involved in teaching of both undergraduate and master’s students as well as in research. He has coordinated courses both at the faculty and Departmental levels. Currently, Anthony’s research interest centers on medical and veterinary microbiology, molecular biology, environmental microbiology and biodiversity, bioinformatics as well as phylogenomics. Anthony has contributed as assistant supervisor in the coaching and guidance of research trainees and master’s student in the area of molecular biology and mycology and he is currently supervising the thesis of over ten undergraduate students.

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