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Welcome to Igbopeople.org.! We are a team of genealogy enthusiasts who wish to help Igbo families and genealogists in their family history research and preservation. We document Igbo people’s genealogy and family trees. our goal is to bring all of those Igbo genealogists together into this central location to share their research with their peers and preserve their ancestral lineage.

On this page, we present the results of our research on Igbo family branches and other related trees from Efik, Ibibio, Annang, Ejagham and Eket as well as Ibeno and Ijaw with some sidelines.

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Where the Igbos migrated from has not been proved beyond reasonable doubt. The ancestry of the Igbos has bothered many people for a long time. Many historians, philosophers, sociologists, archaeologists and anthropologists have raised a lot of dust on this issue. A lot of views have been proffered but yet the origin of the Igbos remained a mirage.

You can contribute your research to the igbopeople.org community to Connect with your Igbo Generations. It’s all about family. We believe that families bring joy and meaning to life. With igbopeople.org You can discover your family history or start your family tree.  Access millions of genealogy records including Birth, Death, Marriage, & Divorce Records, Biafrans records, census data, Voter and Tax Records, Cemeteries & Burial Records, Important Historical Records &  Military records. Celebrate and share your family heritage in a way that is only possible through photographs

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